Trigger Pin Out of Position

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Trigger Pin Out of Position

Post by Randall_G » January 4th, 2020, 12:13 pm

Not sure if this has happened to anyone else; thought it was worth passing along. After reinstalling the slide, check to ensure your trigger pin is captured beneath the slide.

This afternoon I noticed the trigger pin on my 1968 P64 was protruding from the side of the pistol, and is scuffed up (image 9877). Image 0646 is a side view of the pin. Based on a review of photos and records, I was able to determine I took the pistol to the range once in this condition, firing 45 rounds. I have (of course) removed the slide and properly seated the pin (image 0638).

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Re: Trigger Pin Out of Position

Post by GuitarmanNick » January 4th, 2020, 3:33 pm

I must admit to having made the same discovery on one of my P-64s. Luckily, it was caught before doing too much damage. I pay more attention when reassembling, now.

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