Numrich Magazine Observations

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Numrich Magazine Observations

Post by Randall_G »

Thought I’d share my experience with the magazines being sold by Numrich, having recently purchased two of ‘em. Unfortunately, now up to $40 each!

As noted in previous threads (see below), the feed lips are longer as compared to early P64 magazines. Loaded one of the Numrich mags with dummy rounds and chambered a round into my 1970:

• As previously noted by others, I was unable to pull the slide back and eject the chambered round.
• Same when testing in my 1971 P64.
• Inspecting closely, I could see the base of the case contacting the feed lips, preventing further movement rearward.

But as I messed around more, I found that I could eject the dummy round by pulling the slide more enthusiastically. Decided it wasn’t necessary to modify the feed lips, and took a magazine as-is to the range for live firing testing in the 1970. Worked perfectly.

And, now I think I understand why the base of spent cases ejected from my P64s are scored so much: hitting the feed lips pretty dang hard on the way out.

The two magazines I received aren’t as nicely finished as original mags:

1. A noticeable gap between the pinky rest and tube.
2. The edges of the cut outs in the center of the tube are relatively sharp.
3. On one of the magazines, the follower has kind of a dimple at the slide lock cut-out/fold, which likely occurred during the cutting/folding process. Also a few tiny pits on the follower surface.

But none of the above have affected functionality.

One more anecdote. The first P64 I purchased back in 2016, a 1968, came with two magazines. One of the magazines locked the slide up solid. Yup…it had the long feed lips. At the time, I didn't know there is a difference between early/later mags. The LGS I purchased the pistol from knocked down the feed lips for me, after which it worked fine in the 1968.

And links to previous threads on the subject I found while searching the forum: ... f=3&t=5722 ... lip#p56729 ... f=1&t=4967
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Re: Numrich Magazine Observations

Post by Curly1 »

Nice review. I found something similar with my Femaru M37. It would not eject snap caps but with live fire it worked perfectly.
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