Mosin Nagant Rifles

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Re: Mosin Nagant Rifles

Post by aj84 » January 10th, 2011, 9:54 pm

That is correct papabear. my very first Mosins. I feel a bit dumb, after walking in every pawnshop or gunstore, never paid that much attention to the Mosins. I sure like shooting them, and my son was like, "ok dad which one is my??" So he is the proud owner of the M44.

We are thinking that we want to do a fun little youtube video, dont know if you guys seen 'will it blend? on youtube. We are starting the new "will it Mosin? so we are going to open the forum for suggestions about what you want to see as a target for the Mosins. Any target over $25.00 we are going to include a paypal account for donations LOL :)

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