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slide not holdig open

Posted: January 14th, 2018, 5:30 pm
by JoWR
Please excuse this repetition , but I previously put this in the wrong section. The slide not being caught can also be cased by the follower on the magazine. I have bought some magazines from Keepshooting, And they always caused problems with the slide not holding open. The Radom mags held the slide open. On inspecting the action of the stop lever I noticed that this lever did not rise enough. The shelf on the original followers were higher.
I disassembled the Keepshooting mags, and gently flattened the follower so that the follower would rise higher in the bodies of the mags. This action caused the shelf to rise approximately 1 mm. The slide now catches.
Some care should be taken so that the follower can still move freely in the body of the mag.
By the way, other than this problem, I have been happy with the Keepshooting mags.
Thank you for the feed back in the incorrect location.JoWR.