Unable to put slide back on

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Re: Unable to put slide back on

Post by Granpooba » February 12th, 2018, 2:31 pm

I messaged Wolff Springs and following is their reply in regards to this problem.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your email and for purchasing our springs. First, it would be normal for the slide to be a little more difficult getting the slide back on because the recoil spring is new and has not been compressed. Second, yes, we did have an issue with the 22 lb. recoil springs (you purchased 20 lb. recoil springs) in 2011. We corrected the problem by grinding the ends of the recoil spring which removed enough material to allow for installation and removal of the slide.

To be clear, we have never had a problem with the 20 or 18 lb. recoil springs we make and sell for the Polish P64 pistols. Unless the recoil springs are defective, you should not have any problem with them.

John Andrews

Wolff Gunsprings

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