Safety dropping on while shooting

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Re: Safety dropping on while shooting

Post by staff3704 » September 18th, 2012, 10:43 pm

Checked it out a few weeks ago and it is fine.

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Re: Safety dropping on while shooting

Post by Polishiron68 » April 13th, 2016, 9:27 am

One of my favorite topics. Though i never had the safety dropping problem. The difficulty in engage/disengage was not acceptable for a carry pistol . Though I normally carry all mine safety off.
Anyway. Not to chastise. But if we want to know how these things tick. We must take them apart. Intimidating at first. Most rewarding later. And you will exude in confidence in knowing the condition of your little beastie at any moment. How sweet it runs or what ails her.
Ok, Back to the safety. My best fix was to remove the detent.(just do it) put detent in your dremmel Pointy end out) and whiz it against a diamond sharpening stone. ( Its too hard for organic or synthetic stones.) until you create a radius out of the sharp point. Polish to mirror on 800-1000 emery. Don't worry. You will not take too much off. Dress the safety component with fine file or stones till smooth. Polish if you can. A bit of lube. (not the determining factor in function) And the engagement will be smooth and positive. Not quite the feel you want? Take apart and do it again. Good practice.
And if you get bored. I resurrected an older design grip and retooled it a bit. Its the polishIron v.04 Same as v.05 but no finger grips. I can sell this one a bit cheaper than v.05.

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Re: Safety dropping on while shooting

Post by groundpounder47 » July 24th, 2017, 11:08 pm

I've had the same issue with mine. I took the safety apart today and my detent is fine. "Eyes" in the safety itself seem slightly worn, but not terribly. Detent plunger spring seemed rather weak and crooked, but not crimped or damaged at all. I soaked all of the pieces and the breach of the slide itself in a container of rem oil I had left over for about 45 min- an hour and I could not believe the crap that came out of that sucker. Streams of black gunk came out of especially the detent spring hole. There were even small chunks that came out. I put everything back together (which would indeed be easier with three hands) and it feels more solid and secure. Hopefully the problem is resolved.

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