breech face lug(s) breaking off

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breech face lug(s) breaking off

Post by tinandlead » March 31st, 2021, 3:08 pm

Hi forum,
new member here. Owner of dozen of pistols, including P-83 Wanad and P-64 Czak and happen to live in the country of origin ;)

An YT viewer was so kind to point out that my pistol actually came broken from the place of purchase.

It is missing the projection (lug) on the bottom of the breech face, left side.
I have noticed this when preinspecting, but it did not look suspicious enough to catch my attention. The spot actually doesn't look like a failure, because it was probably machined (filed) down so the surface is flat and smooth. The lug isn't completely absent, there is about 20 thou left. So the right lug has full length and the left one is "residual".

Now, the pistol shoots like a dream. I shot both russian steel-cased Barnaul as well as Czech Sellier & Bellot, there wasn't a single
failure to eject or failure to feed, all rounds ignited and although slightly off to the right due to bumped rear sight, landing pattern
was no bigger than 8-ring @25m (27yds). I believe this is very well within expectations from a vintage, subcompact service pistol.

- is this failure common and should it manifest in FTE,FTF, double feeds or the like?
- is there a known remedy to this ?
- can one tell the pistol has been already "remedied" by doctoring the springs etc.?

Appreciate your thoughts on this and thanks for accepting a new member,

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Re: breech face lug(s) breaking off

Post by Curly1 » April 1st, 2021, 1:08 pm

Can you post the link to your YT vid?
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