Red Army Elite 9x18 Mak - Range Report

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Re: Red Army Elite 9x18 Mak - Range Report

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Is this the Ukrainian made ammo or the Polish ammo? Red Army has sold both.

Just measured my "made in Poland" Red Army ammo: .3635". (And that's with my new uber expensive Japanese calipers.)

Aside: As a reloader I couldn't help but pull one of the bullets. Again the bullet diameter was .3635. The powder is a nice, consistent stick powder and the case appears to be well manufactured (the primer pocket appears to be machined and not stamped). I wonder how the Poles are making any money with rounds going for ~$200.00 per 900 rounds.
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Re: Red Army Elite 9x18 Mak - Range Report

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Mine is made in Poland.

I will say that the Red Army Elite brass fired from my P-64 held up well and was fine for reloading. I have a few different loads I hope to try in the coming weeks to see what works best. I was very impressed with the quality of the brass used in these rounds.

The PRVI Partizan cases I fired were badly bulged and creased. None escaped without noticeable damage. They are in the scrap bin as I would not trust them to be safe. Since I soon plan to purchase some 7.62 x 54R with the intent of reloading it, PVRI is a brand that will not be considered because of my experience with the 9 x 18mm Mak brass.
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