Where do you get your ammo?

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Re: Where do you get your ammo?

Post by bear34 » February 20th, 2013, 6:36 am

Weasel640 wrote:
bear34 wrote:I went to the range yesterday to try out my recently aquired .22 conversion kit for my Makarov. I figured since no one can find ammo anywhere, I'll breeze right in. There was a 45 minute wait and they still had ammo(they would only sell what you would shoot that day.) I didn't want to hang around so I will go Friday, which I'm taking off. I believe the Federal plant here in Minneapolis is working mandatory overtime.
Wow again. That's smart. Only selling their ammo out if you buy range time. Bet they collect and re-use the brass they sold you too. Generally speaking range ammo is like Movie Theater Popcorn, they know they've got you so they can charge whatever they want.

$4.50 per box for .22LR....not bad.

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