Question for preppers: FD Powder to fresh produce ratio?

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Question for preppers: FD Powder to fresh produce ratio?

Post by gman68w » July 24th, 2017, 11:37 pm

Does anyone know how many whole bananas are in a 5 cup bag of freeze-dried banana powder? Fresh bananas from Food Lion are around $1 a pound, give or take 10c. A 5-cup bag of powder from NBT is just under $30, not counting S+H. Am I saving any money by getting the bag of FD powder? Or am I better off getting five pounds of the fresh stuff, mushing and jarring it, and keeping it in the fridge until I need it (not necessarily for SHTF, I just like bananas in my Carnation in the morning, and putting the two in a blender has helped me drop 25lbs in three months)?
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