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Re: How to carry...

Post by bstickler92 » April 2nd, 2013, 7:13 am

Thanks for the advice, I was planning on carrying with safety on anyway.

I just wanted to know if anyone else had found that function.

Bill A
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Re: How to carry...

Post by Bill A » November 29th, 2013, 12:10 pm

I remember reading on one of the forums(I can't remember which one) about a fella who carried his P64 with the chamber loaded and the safety off. Well he dropped the pistol, it fell to the floor which was carpeted and the pistol discharged. So it don't seem to me that it takes much of a blow to the hammer to set one off. The bullet passed through his forearm, missing the bone. He posted photos of his arm.
He got medical attention and he was interviewed by a police officer. I don't know if a report was filed by the police officer or not but I would guess that one would have to be filed.

Since there seems to be proof that a blow to the hammer will fire the pistol with the safety off, I carry my P64 with one chambered and the safety on.

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Re: How to carry...

Post by wlockridge » November 29th, 2013, 1:28 pm

I carry mine 6+1, safety off, in an iwh holster. I use a left handed holster ( I'm right handed) so as to carry it in the back. A right hand holster, when moved to the back, puts the grip towards the left side of the body making it too hard to grasp in a hurry. I carry my spare mags in two small cell phone cases with magnetic closures which can be purchased at most discount stores for a dollar or two. Cell phone cases are pretty much ubiquitous these days and many folks carry more than one cell phone. When drawing an extra mag all that need be done is to insert two fingers into the slot on the bottom of the cell phone case and push up rolling it right into your hand. Everyone has an old cell phone case or two laying around and, with a little bit of practice you can retrieve the mag quicker than one with snaps or Velcro with the added benefit of not looking like a mag case. As far as dropping the weapon and having an accidental discharge, I use a good quality leather clam shell holster. There are many on the market but be prepared to pay, they're not cheap but, on the other hand, neither is someone's life. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving hoping this finds one and all healthy and safe.
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