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New (to me) bullet lube

Posted: February 28th, 2016, 9:29 pm
by mike83
I read about a recipe of 60% Alox/40% Johnson liquid floor polish. I have been using Alox on all my lead reloads and have never seen any leading. My only complaints were excess smoking and gumming up my seating dies. Neither problem is enough to make me stop using it. As of right now, I have not shot any of the 500 assorted bullets I cast and lubed with the new mix. First impressions are good. It flows very easy and coats quicker. It takes less lube in my tumbling jar to get everything coated with a nice thin coating. If you don't over coat them, they seem to dry a lot quicker. This stuff doesn't stink as bad as straight Alox. It may be a while until I do get to shoot these. Just curious if any others have tried it.


Update: I loaded a handful of 38 specials and they did not gum up my seating die at all. The dried finish is still apparently soft enough to work, but much easier to handle and load. Like Johnny Bench and Richard Petty say, "And you won't stink." More to say after I shoot and chrony them.