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Beretta Neos

Posted: October 24th, 2011, 1:02 pm
by lklawson
OK, I've decided to go with the Neos first and then pick up the Olly Whitney Wolverine later.

So now the question is INOX or Black. It's a $50 difference. Is it worth it? While I do have some slight aesthetic preference for the INOX, it's only slight.

I've always taken good care of my toys so I'm not terribly worried about corrosion, but still accidents can happen or it could be borrowed or whatever. So the question is, does the stainless make that big a difference in maintainability and/or function. I've heard that sometimes stainless can show excessive galling over standard blued.

Then there's the barrel length. Any real advantage to the 6" model over the 4.5"? Is the extra 1.5" (~14% of OAL) sight radius all that much better?

Finally, is the carbine kit really worth it? I mean, besides the cool factor. It's groovy and all, but seems to be just as expensive for just the add-ons to convert the handgun into a carbine as it is to just buy a whole .22 rifle. Then, for the same price, I'd have two firearms and wouldn't have to worry that a malfunction in the action of my NEOS would bereft me of the rifle too.

Peace favor your sword,