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Jack Danial's and HT Moonshine at eBay

Posted: August 9th, 2007, 10:50 pm
by gunneyrabbit
OK fellas ,
Here we go again.
Perusing "eBay" and guess what , you, your neighbors and your children can purchase hard liqueur on eBay. Don't think so? Just go to eBay and click on all categories and enter the word distillery and peruse the pages. Any one can buy hard alcohol with the proviso that they send a copy of their drivers lic. with photo as proof of age and are willing to pay the price. With no back ground check how hard is that to do?
Just a few of the products available are Aristocrat Rye Whiskey, Jack Danial's and HT Moonshine sold by some nefarious dealers who are only interested in the almighty dollar. The list goes on but I will let you make up your own mind. Certainly eBay may not be paying attention, or are they and are just more interested in profits than they are in the abiding by the rule of law. I think it would be interesting if the legal distillers were alerted to this hoc-us pocus abusing their respected Brand Names. Its all there for any one to see and no questions asked!
Gunny rabbit