P64 Origin Stories

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P64 Origin Stories

Post by Zenon » October 7th, 2017, 1:02 am

Hello everyone and good day to you. Although this is most likely not an original topic, it will be the most current. The main question is, How did you end up purchasing or receiving your P64?

I'll start.

I was browsing the buds gun shop website for no particular reason. Got the idea to start browsing by caliber and I wanted to check out 9mm Mak, seen the listing for the P64 and just had to buy it. One week later I picked it up from my local ffl and was surprised by the quality of it. Was worried about the grip size but it fits my hand perfectly, it will be the standard to which I will base all my future hand gun purchases to.

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Re: P64 Origin Stories

Post by xcc_rider » October 7th, 2017, 11:55 pm

I was looking for a replacement for my CCW and since I live in the (not so) great state of Kalyforrnya my choices were limited to what was on the roster of "approved" handguns. There were a few in 380, a few larger ones in 9mm and the C&R eligible P64.
I liked that it was the same size as my CCW but packed a bit more punch than the 380's of the same size so I added it to my list of candidates. I stumbled on a few write ups and this site and liked what I read so I kept an eye out for a sale. I finally saw it on sale at Turner's Sporting Goods for a good price and picked one up. (After a 10 day waiting period, huge amounts of paperwork and a sizable donation to the state so I could buy it)
I own some wartime and post war handguns so I knew what to expect and considering the price I couldn't be happier with it. A couple of trips to the range support that feeling and I'm currently saving some $$$ to buy a second one from an online shop.
I would like to get a couple Mak and Tok handguns but they're not on the roster and the PP market here is atrocious so I'll stick with the P64.

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Re: P64 Origin Stories

Post by BikerNut » October 9th, 2017, 6:55 pm

I had just received my C&R license and wanted to take it for a test drive.

Found a bunch of P-64's online that were C&R eligible, so I bought one.

Was hand delivered to my door a few days later. That put a smile on my face.

Opening the box made me smile even more. It was in pristine condition, with two mags, a holster and a cleaning rod.

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