Recoil and Trigger Spring OVERKILL

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Recoil and Trigger Spring OVERKILL

Post by b52stan » March 25th, 2007, 11:11 pm

Please see my latest posts on the Wolff Springs thread. NOBODY except Saands, likes the 22# recoil spring, and for good reason. It's obviously too much, unless you want to shoot 120gr ammo and have arms like Arnold. You have to pull that slide back for multiple reasons.

I will also repeat that when I ordered a 3 pk of 17# trigger springs for our P-64 from Wolff, that the lady told me that it's a pound heavier than the 17# PPK spring.

For what it's worth, except for the macho guys, the best combo will be the 20# recoil spring( or leave the original one there) and the 17# trigger spring. And I have read all posts concerning this subject, and am deeply concerned that many are being misled.

Stan(who has been here from the beginning)
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Recoil and Trigger Spring OVERKILL

Post by steve98664 » March 25th, 2007, 11:44 pm

Did the 17# feel too light? I may get one of those since the 3 pack didn't have a 17#. Seems like I got too many unneeded springs!

The 16# Walther was light, in fact I always warned others that shot my P64 to watch it closely..... I like the feel of the 18#, but I'd try the 17# on recommendation.

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Recoil and Trigger Spring OVERKILL

Post by nicksterdemus » March 26th, 2007, 12:15 am

An interesting take IMHO. Any1 that has a 22lb'r or any other spring 4 the 64 that they aren't going 2 use/don't need feel free 2 give it 2 me...........................

EDIT: Don't know 'bout " OVERKILL " as such. I ride a cruiser that 2 pistons has more displacement than the old VW I used 2 drive. There's an old Suzy in the garage that'll run rings around it n run 11's that @ the same time would be smoked by any given crotch rocket. I prefer 2 think of overkill as a state of mind. Kinda 1 mans' trash/ho' anothers treasure/lady........................
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Recoil and Trigger Spring OVERKILL

Post by saands » March 26th, 2007, 12:23 am

I'm surprised that people have had that much trouble with the 22# spring ... I've only used one of mine, but will pull the other one out and give it a try. I'm wondering if I got one that was actually a 20#'er ... I'd LOVE to get another 2#'s on that spring :o

As for the mainsprings, I second b52stan's comment ... I dropped a 20# in tonight and several drops of blood and many curses later I had a DA that was noticably heavier than the 18# PP spring that it replaced!

(who's arms are NOT like Arnold's!)

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