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Fun info answers?

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1) Yes
2) No, 4. From the red book manual on the resource and translated Polish.
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) Yes. The disconnector rides across the outer edge of the trigger bar and it only contacts the risen but loose disconnector. The disconnector is free to move up and down when the hammer is cocked or down. The trigger bar’s vertical upward movement is not stopped by the disconnector and slide fitment but rather by the hammer land areas. The trigger spring is responsible for raising the trigger bar, not the trigger bar and dissconector. There should be no final lift by the trigger bar.

6) Yes
7) No, two grips and plunger retaining pin
8) Yes
9) B
10) B
11) Yes
12) Yes
13) Yes
14) C
15) No.
16) B + C
17) No. Off set to right.
18) Yes
19) No
20) Yes
21) D
22) A
23) B
24) C The years manufactured is from this site SOURCE----Radom

25) ALL (A) The trigger spring is solely responsible for the vertical RETURN of the trigger bar. (B) The single action land area at very rear of hammer sets sear engagement height (C) Look in the corner of the cut out for the trigger bar or just hold trigger bar down with finger and pull trigger to most and look under the trigger bar at the frame ledge. (D) Once the hammer is released, the sear is still engaged with the front of the trigger bar but there is no contact now at the rear of the trigger bar to hammer.
26) B
27) Yes
28) B
29) No the “A”-Adamczyk is two; M. and H. some other sources say the ‘K” is two also, Kazimierz Kowalewski, Stanisław Kaczmarski
30) NO, Radom is the common nickname given for the old Lucznik Arms Factory where the P-64 was produced. Radom is a city in central Poland. The nickname began with the P35 “Radom” pistol and continues to this day with ad such as “made at the famous Radom factory…” The name of the newly formed factory after bankruptcy in 2000 is Fabryka Broni „Łucznik”-Radom Sp. z o.o. (‘Archer’-Radom Arms Factory LLC). So now the “made at Radom” is true, but only pertaining to recent weapons. Trick question, not really. Confusing, YES!! Like telling someone “I got a makarov” when you got a P-64.”

31) C
32) D
33) Yes. Round is 16 grams and the triangular is 17. The round hammer has a much thicker neck below the exposed hole.

34) D Hammer pin; mash down on the disconnector to disengage hammer from sear and lift out.
35) B+C Also while measuring, .235” head diameter .995” total length.

36) C
37) A+B+C+D ALL There is a gap in between the rear of the stopping lug on the trigger guard and the frame and during full slide retract and impact this gap is closed and the lug strikes the frame directly underneath the barrel.

38) B
39) B + C The sear is pull forward of the singe action sear land in the hammer (the sear does not contact the hammer) and does not come into “play”.
40) A +D
41) A+B+C
42) B+D OR B+C+D
43) B+C
44) No. The P64’s trigger pin can loose orientation in its “u” notch and you’ll be say to yourself, “Why the *%#* won’t the slide go back on!!!”
45) C+E
46) C
47) C Frame rail on right is shorter for slide stop lever
48) Yes
49) C
50) D
51) Yes. The “toe of the shoe” of the magazine release must be on the same side as the notch in the hammer strut.
52) A+B+C+F All but C
53) No. The magazine is metal.
54) C
55) A+C
56) A+C The trigger bar holds the sear
57) E Need help here for more, early or late, and what can be “mixed” with what.
58) No. That is the way quotation marks are used in the Polish language. See wiekipedia.
59) A+C+D
60) No. Always use the exact indicated cartridges in a firearm.
61) B
62) A+C
63) D 5 slip fit: sear retaining, sear plunger pin, trigger guard and hammer spring. 2 press fit: barrel pin and hammer pin for the hammer strut notch to rotate about.
64) C+D From The bullets are of a different configuration, but the bullet weight (gr.) is the same. In normal trim, it's generally accepted that the 9x18mm throws a 95-gr. 0.363" diameter bullet about 1050 ft/sec. Typical performance from the "traditional size" .380 ACP like the Walther PPK is a 95-gr. bullet at 950 ft/sec.

9x18 Makarov, 95 gr
Bullet Powder Weight Powder Velocity OAL Primer Source
JHP 3.6 gr Bullseye 970 fps 0.965" WSP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 3.2 gr
Pressure: 21,200
380 ACP, 95 gr
Bullet Powder Weight Powder Velocity OAL Primer Source

FMJ 3.2 gr Bullseye 900 fps 0.975" WSP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 2.9 gr
Pressure: 14,700


1) C+D
2) B
3) C
4) D Consider the CZ 52 decocker
5) A
6) C

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