Second trip to the range

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Second trip to the range

Post by GeneCC » August 7th, 2011, 9:07 pm

2nd trip to the range.

Replaced the recoil spring with a Wolf 22 pounder. Replaced the firing pin spring with the accompanying spring.

Typical of me I didn't read the directions and lost the safety detent. It went sailing to who knows where. I made a new one out of an 8 D bright nail using a dremel tool.

The detent is tricky to install. I made the detent a bit too short, about 4mm long. I have a second one which is about 3mm longer but it went sailing. I found it just before I left to go to the range. I'll probably shave it to 5mm and install it.

Today I used Silver Bear 94 and Hornady Critical Defense.

Silver bear gave groups of about five inches at 25 yards. Still learning the ropes of the trigger and sights. No failures to load nor extract were noted. The brass doesn't go as far with the 22 pound recoil spring as the stock spring.

Recoil continues to be stout but tolerable.

Fired Hornady CD for function. Mixed with SB. Did not separate out for accuracy nor did I set up Gelatin tests. Maybe later. Fired four shots in all. No failures to feed nor eject.

Thanks to the short safety detent the piece went into "safe" one time. I already have a longer detent which I'll install soon.

Finding ejected brass is quite a chore with these pistols. Brass that is tossed everywhere is positively extracted and ejected so I'm satisfied with function. In spite of gloomy warnings of destroying dies I would like to try my hand at reloading these SB cases. They sure are pretty!


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