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New to the forum

Post by johnb007 » August 1st, 2011, 4:50 pm

Hi, I'm John, and I just ordered my first p-64 from AIM today and wanted to pop in and introduce myself.

It took me some time to decide between a Bulgarian Makarov and the P-64, but 2 things made this an easy choice:

The Makarov isn't eligible to purchase with my 03/C&R license.
I was looking for a smaller profile to use for a pocket CCW pistol.

I live in MD, but have a Utah non-resident CCW. I can't even conceal carry in my home state. I'd love to move to a state that has a decent CCW law.

NRA member and life-long shooter/hunter.

Looking forward to getting the p-64 in hand and hitting the range!

This site is a treasure trove of great info on this gun.

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