Pleased with the performance

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Pleased with the performance

Post by talon » February 12th, 2006, 9:46 pm

Hello All,

Singing to the choir here :)

Went out today to shoot the P-64, put 100 rounds of S&B green white box 95grainer's through it. Recoil is a bit heavy to say the least :o It also throws brass almost as far as my mini 14's do. Big hands must be careful with grip, trigger spur tapped me once to keep me honest.

Pretty accurate pistol, all 10 rings out to 15 meters using a weaver stance two hand supported. It will serve well as a conceal carry. Cant wait to change out the spring the DA is just about impossible to shoot reasonably accurate with. Primers get whacked very hard with this little pistol.

Did have a bit of trouble with positive lock up when racking initial rounds puzzling a bit, but figured it was due to its new condition.

Tal~ 8-)

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